Allergy Cases in the United States

According to the American Academy of Allergies and Asthma, the incidence of allergies in the United States is on the rise. Although the reasons are unknown, people with allergies are often face obstacles when the need to treat with commercially available drugs arises. 

Dyes, fillers, preservatives can all cause allergic reactions in these sensitive patients making medical treatment potentially fatal. Furthermore, the majority of children on the autism spectrum have some type of allergy. 

Commonly found allergens include peanut oil derivatives, gelatin, gluten, casein, corn, dairy, coconut, and potatoes.

Expert-Compounded Medications

The experienced pharmacists as Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy work with medical providers to reformulate drugs to be allergen-free. Doing so removes the non-essential ingredients to which a patient is allergic ensuring a deliberate elimination of allergens.

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